Inter fans furious with Lukaku after he betrayed Inter

Inter fans furious with Lukaku after he betrayed Inter

Inter Milan fans are furious with Lukaku after the Belgian striker betrayed Inter by having talks with Juventus. The Nerazzurri were trying their best to extend Romelu Lukaku’s loan deal with Chelsea, but the Belgian striker had other plans as he was secretly in contact with the Bianconeri. Inter instantly decided to end all ties with him, as the call with Piero Ausilio lasted for 30 seconds only.

The Curva Nord are furious with Lukaku and have said harsh statements after the Belgian striker broke their trust. They are not happy with Lukaku’s affiliation with Juventus and said that he is not a real man. Many fans criticized him after his miserable display in the Champions League final. Now his betrayal news has filled the heart of fans with hatred.

The Nerazzurri supported the Belgian striker through thick and thin. Romelu Lukaku struggled with a thigh injury for more than eight months. Also, he was not the same after coming back, and Inzaghi had to handle him and manage his playing time with caution. But Inter did everything in their power to help in his recovery.

Inter fans furious with Lukaku

Inter Milan fans are furious with Lukaku and call him a traitor

The Nerazzurri are now searching for several forwards that can replace Lukaku. The Belgian striker had a good partnership with Lautaro, so Inter needs a player that is excellent in linkup play and can work in a front-two system. Morata is one of the ideal candidates as the Spanish striker is technical and can settle in Inzaghi’s system. Moreover, he has experience in Serie A that will help him to hit the ground running from the get-go.

The fans were supportive from the start and gave him a warm welcome after his transfer from Chelsea. But his betrayal have hurt the fans and the team, and they are now searching for other options.

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