Inter have no Serie A rivals, says Mario Sconcerti

Inter have no Serie A rivals, says Mario Sconcerti

Inter have no Serie A rivals, Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti. He says that they are heavy favorites for the Scudetto after the Cagliari win. Sconcerti criticized Juventus on their approach in Serie A. And also gave a strict view of their position in Serie A. Further, he said that there are no competitors in Serie A and Inter have a clear way for the Scudetto. Sharing his views on Serie A, he said that it is a pathway for the clubs to make it to the Champions League now.

The clubs play well in Serie A in order to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Thus, this year also they are only fighting to be in the top four. Rather than wanting to compete for the Scudetto, the clubs are just in the race of the top four. He added that this kind of approach towards the title is harmful to Italian football. With an 11 point lead over AC Milan, Inter are way ahead. It is almost clear that the Nerazzurri will lift the Scudetto this season.

Inter have no Serie A rivals

Inter have no Serie A rivals, clubs after the UEFA Champions League

Mario Sconcerti said that with this approach, the team ending up in the fourth position will be an incomplete team. Everyone has eyes on the €50 million revenue coming from the Champions League. However, that will not help them in covering the debts of the club. While Inter have taken Juventus’ place this season, it does not mean Serie A is getting any better.

In fact, it just means that Inter are the best team. The Nerazzurri have maintained an 11 game winning streak which is highly impressive. This Scudetto will come after a long wait of 10 years for Inter Milan. Inter are also the first team to begin ‘girone di ritorno’, which is the second half of the season with 11 wins. The last record was set by Arrigo Sachi’s AC Milan back in 2010 with 10 wins.

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