Inter have the highest points average this season

Inter have the highest points average this season

Inter are picking up points at a faster rate than any other team in Europe. Hence they have the highest points average. Tutto Sport’s print edition revealed the Nerazzurri had higher points per game average (2.47) than any other side in Europe’s major leagues. With 74 points in total 30 Serie A matches.

Man City have also picked up 74 points in the English Premier League. But Pep Guardiola’s side have played two games more than Inter. So their point average is 2.31. Bayern Munich have an average of 2.32 points per game in the Bundesliga (65 points in 28 games). While Atletico Madrid on 2.23 in La Liga (67 points in 30 games) and Lille on 2.16 in Ligue 1 (69 points in 32 games.

Inter have the highest points average

Inter have the highest points average in Europe, Man City are just behind

Inter are grinding many games and hanging till the end to get a result in their favour. The last game vs Cagliari was a perfect example. Inter were confident for the match as they came from a 2-1 victory over Sassuolo. But, the relegation-threatened Cagliari were proving to be a tough nut to crack at the San Siro. Their goalkeeper Vicario, made several fine saves to keep the hosts at bay. As the match went on, Inter started to look nervous but kept on trying. So, the goal finally came from Darmian in the 77th minute.

Conte has posted almost unbeatable numbers in Serie A since he joined Inter in 2019, the Tutto Sport print explained. He has brought the ambition back at Inter. They have won 47 league games since the start of the 2019-20 season. This puts them on second in Europe’s top five leagues behind Man City on 49. Liverpool are tied with the Nerazzurri on 47 wins. While Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are both just behind on 46.

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