Inter players cannot help Suning, deny wage cuts

Inter players cannot help Suning, deny wage cuts

Inter players cannot help Suning in handling their financial problems. Zhang expects players to give up their two-month salary for the club. While that is highly unlikely to happen, Italian Journalist Sandro Sabatini has expressed his views on the same. The players will mostly disagree to straight-up leave their two-month salary. On top of that, the journalists are arguing whether it is the right step or not. While Sabatini thinks players should not agree to this decision, Paolo Di Canio, a former Juventus striker believes the opposite.

First, Sabatini believes that Inter Milan owner Steven Zhang is not the best owner for the Nerazzurri. Considering the pay cut decision, Sabatini says anybody could’ve owned a club like that. He insisted that he was a player, he would totally question giving up two months’ salary. Other than that, the owners have not handled their accounts well which must not impact the players. Further, he said that players like Christain Eriksen might give up their pay and still be kicked out of the club.

Inter players cannot help Suning

Inter players cannot help Suning, the owners should figure a way out

Suning’s financial struggles have been documented closely over the past year. However, they have not come to a solution yet. Furthermore, on top of the existing debts, they took a loan of €250 million from Goldman Sachs. Now, they will probably take a €300m loan from Oaktree Capital. Oaktree will also buy Lion Rock Capital’s 31.05% shares from the Nerazzurri.

The board has a few names in mind that are a no-go for them. These include Lukaku, Barella, Hakimi, de Vrij, and Bastoni. While they also believe that they can sell Ashley Young, Andrea Pinamonti, Vidal, and Alexis Sanchez to get in some funds. Everyone is aware that Inter are not the only ones in this situation. In fact, Juventus pushed its players’ salaries by four months last year. Plus the Oaktree offer stand for them too. This is an important and crucial situation and needs to be taken care of soon.

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