Inter to receive €300m offer from Oaktree Captial

Inter to receive €300m offer from Oaktree Captial

Inter Milan are set to receive a €300m offer from the Oaktree Capital. As reported by Tutto Sport‘s print edition. Oaktree are now the favourites for Inter to resolve their financial issues. Also, the talk with Bain Capital are now somewhat over. The Oaktree will be giving a loan of €300 million to Inter and will also buy Lion Rock Capital’s 31.05% shares from the club.

Inter do have some financial issues as said by Zanetti. They might even have to sell a player or two in the summer transfer window. Namely, De Vrij and Brozovic. Both of them are very crucial for Inter though, and would be hard to replace as they are regular in the starting 11. Liverpool have some interest in De Vrij and Inter could let him go if they get a good deal out of it. Inter would also receive some funds after due to the Serie A win. But the deal with Oaktree looks good if the Suning decides to move ahead with it and act quickly.

Inter to receive €300m

Inter to receive €300m which can help them in their financial problems

The talk with Oaktree seems to be going forward. However, the deal would take a couple of weeks to complete as the details are a bit complicated. Bain Capital were the favourites for quite some time but now they will have to come up with a better offer than Oaktree. The deal with Oaktree would give Inter €140 million and will help them with their liquidity issue. While Lion Rock Capital would get the other €160 million.

But, Suning only need about €33 million to give to Lion Rock Capital. They have the rest of the funds loaned to Hong-Kong to themselves. This happened back when Lion Rock decided to join Inter Milan in 2018.

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