Inter to kill the Juventus machine, it’s time

Inter to kill the Juventus machine, it’s time

Back in 2012, Antonio Conte’s Juventus started a run to win back to back Scudetti. While Conte only coached them in the first 3 of 9 consecutive titles, he started the Juve machine. Ironically, as Juventus aim to win their 10th consecutive title this season, Conte is on the other side trying to stop them. It’s time for Inter to kill the Juventus machine.

Moreover, when Juve won the Scudetto in 2012, they capitalized on the ageing Inter and Milan sides. The two city rivals absolutely dominated the Serie A before that. But, financial mismanagement and failing to update the squad saw their downfall. Inter is back from the dark ages with a formidable squad. The Nerazzurri were just one point away from Juventus last season. This was not only Inter’s best performance in close to a decade, but the 82 points that the club earned should’ve won them the Scudetto in most cases.

Best time for Inter to kill the Juventus machine

Inter to kill the Juventus machine

Back in 2012, Juventus capitalized on the degrading quality of Inter and Milan’s sides. This time around, the Juve side is the one not good enough to win the Scudetto. Despite having the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala the Juve side lacks quality. A static midfield and a shaky defence will make life difficult for the newly appointed Andrea Pirlo.

On the other hand, Inter have upgraded their side to be the best in the league. The Lukaku Lautaro partnership upfront with the option to bring Alexis Sanchez is probably the best in Italy. Conte is persuing upgrades in the midfield as well. When it comes to the defence, Inter have more world-class players than they can accommodate in the starting 11.

Fine Margins

Football is a sport of fine margins, especially the Serie A. The league is flushed with teams rediscovering form. With Inter’s city rivals Milan making an unbeaten run after the restart last season to Lazio having a tremendous outing. Inter have plenty of competition this time at the top.

Inter to kill the Juventus machine

One of the many things that the Nerazzurri must be vary of the slip-ups. The club often tends to lose the plot in the tail end of the season. This time around, there will be no room for that. Furthermore, Antonio Conte will have to stay calm. The Italian can get an outburst and leave any time.

Lastly, Inter must capitalize this time. Juventus are reeling from their Champions League failures and want to rebuild with time under Pirlo. Moreover, this is the first time Pirlo will be coaching a team at all. Inter have the chance to run away with the title by the time Pirlo adjusts to the profession. And you never know, Pirlo might well be a way to buy time for the Juve management to find someone who can win them the European crown. It has been a decade and it’s time for Inter to kill the Juventus machine.

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