Nerazzurri have financial problems, says Zanetti

Nerazzurri have financial problems, says Zanetti

Zanetti comes clear and tells that the Nerazzurri do have serious financial problems. Suning could have sold the club in the middle of the season and Zanetti confirms that. But they decided to keep the club till the end of the season. Hence, they were finally able to witness a Serie A win. Conte and players have worked really hard for this and Zanetti knows that. Now it’s time for the board to resolve these internal issues.

Conte has made Inter a force to reckon with his solid back 3 system. He has given Inter ambition and great work ethics. All Inter need is a couple of signings to strengthen the squad even more. But the financial situation might hinder this.

Nerazzurri have financial problems

Nerazzurri have financial problems and will have to take some measures to resolve it

The board might look to sell some players like Brozovic and De Vrij if a good offer arrives. Both of them have been key for Inter this season and both are regular in the playing 11. De Vrij holds the back 3 really well. He is very comfortable on the ball and is really good in the air. He has had a great stint at Serie A so far. First with Lazio and now with Inter. While Brozvic is the one who holds the midfield. He is great at making tackles and has a good passing range. So it would be tough for Inter to replace them. But such is the financial situation at the moment.

Moreover, they will make only key signings and might look to bring back some players from loan to give depth to the squad. The things could get back to normal when fans return to the stadium. This would make owners happy. What Inter needs is a good reaching strategy to give them a long-term safety.

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