Conte to Spurs on the cards?

Conte to Spurs on the cards?

Conte to Spurs can hit the newspapers if things do not work out at Inter financially. The fans and everyone at the club are celebrating the Scudetto win for Inter at the moment. The Nerazzurri won their first Scudetto in 11 years since 2010. In fact, Inter won their fifth consecutive Scudetto in 2010 under Jose Mourinho. 2010 was the second and last year of the contract for Mourinho at Inter.

It is obvious that after putting in so much hard work, Conte would like to stay back at Inter. However, the Nerazzurri haven’t offered a contract extension to him yet. His contract with the club ends in 2022. While Steven Zhang might be up for taking another loan, it is just going to add to the debt. Recently, we took a loan from Goldman Sachs. Further, at the beginning of this season, the club was unable to pay the usual salaries of some players. If the condition stays like this, Inter would have to let of their valued assets. However, as Stamaccioni said recently, Lautaro and Lukaku are a must for the club.

Conte to Spurs

Conte to Spurs possible if the owners do not work out the financial crisis

Conte wants to stay back at Inter. Although his decision will be solely based on the meeting with the owners and the directors. It is unlikely for the Inter owners to let go of Conte since he has been an extraordinary manager. He has pushed the players to be positive in their approach towards winning. On the other hand, he has managed to gather a team that reflects the spirit to win and he would want to step into other competitions with the same team.

He wants to wait for Suning to clarify the club’s financial situation. Plus, how it will reflect the budget and his income of £11.6m per season. Although the club might be in a bit of difficulty at the moment, Conte will do everything to stay. However, if nothing seems to work out, the Spurs have already approached him with an offer.

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