Inter want to remain in Serie A next season

Inter want to remain in Serie A next season

Juventus, AC Milan and Inter want to remain and play in Serie A next season. These three Italian clubs are among the 12 founders of the European Super League. So, Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport said that these clubs, may get banned from Serie A. But the clubs want to remain in the Italian league. The Serie A board had a video conference meeting on Monday. As the 12 European clubs, including Juventus, Milan and Inter, became a part of this new league.

In this conference, the Italian clubs said that they wish to play in the Italian league. While, Torino Chairman Cairo told the Italian news agency ANSA that Inter Managing Director Marotta and Juventus President Agnelli betrayed the Serie A. Hence, both of the clubs should be ashamed. Italian Football Federation President Gravina also said that Italy are totally against the Super League.

Inter want to remain in Serie A

Inter joined Super League. But they also want to remain in Serie A

The ‘big six’ from the premier league are a part of the Super league. That is, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, and Spurs. The Spanish Trio of Atletico Madrid, F.C. Barcelona, and Real Madrid are in as well. These 12 clubs have agreed to become a part of this project. The Nerazzurri and other clubs will receive €3.5 billion for accepting the invite from this. This decision received warnings from both FIFA and UEFA. UEFA’s chief Ceferin has said that the players of the teams, who will play in the Super League, cannot represent their countries in the FIFA World Cup or any other National tournaments.

Inter along with the other founders are ready to go forward with this league. But, these clubs might not be able to play in their league. Thus, a lot of the fans, pundits and other officials are against this project.

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