Inter can be excluded from Serie A along with Milan

Inter can be excluded from Serie A along with Milan

Inter can be excluded from Serie A along with AC Milan. Recently, Inter announced itself as one of the founding members of the Super League. And, they received heavy backlash from the governing bodies, both UEFA and FIFA. Furthermore, the domestic clubs opposed this decision. And now, several clubs like Atlanta, Hellas Verona and Cagliari have proposed to push them out of Serie A.

The League has a consistency of 20 clubs out of which 15 clubs will be the founding members. Further, there will be a qualifying mechanism where the rest five clubs can further qualify annually. The League will have two groups of 10 clubs each, and the founding members will get €3.5 billion just for signing up. The Founding clubs will govern the new football league. In fact, Inter also confirmed the entry of three new clubs in the Super League that will be launching pretty soon. Inter also confirmed the news of the new league.

Inter can be excluded of Serie A

Inter can be excluded from Serie A as other clubs request the governing bodies

The governing bodies including FIFA and UEFA and other clubs have given strong responses. While these clubs talked about explaining the benefits of the new league to FIFA and UEFA. The statement sorted that the clubs plan to provide the basic plan to the governing bodies to get their support. This project will also help in providing higher quality matches and additional finances for the football world.

Further, they explain that the league will be good on economic grounds for European football. Plus, it will generate €10 billion during the initial commitment of the clubs. Going further, the clubs will generate an amount while signing up, which will further benefit the founding clubs. It will give them €3.5 billion to support the investment plans of the clubs and help them with finances to curb their constraints.

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