Inter won’t sign Messi, says clubs Sporting Director

Inter won’t sign Messi, says clubs Sporting Director

Inter Milan Sporting Director Piero Ausilio has said that Inter won’t sign Messi reports First Post. This statement can more than confirm the fact that Inter are not looking to stretch their financial muscle to sign the Argentine. Messi is all set to leave Barcelona with his father flying in, to broker a deal. The six-time Ballon D’or winner faced immense humiliation when the club was hammered out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich. Messi and Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu have a very sticky relationship as of now. Bartomeu’s unorganized and irrelevant spending on players has landed the club in shallow waters. Eventually upsetting Messi who’s now adamant on leaving.

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Since the rumours of Messi wanting to leave Barcelona started doing the rounds, Inter have been one of the contenders to sign him. The Nerazzurri have always been interested in Messi. Suning Group have always had the desire to bring Messi to the San Siro. Ex-Inter Chief once stated that the club tried to sign Messi and Iniesta when they were teens.

Why Inter won’t sign Messi?

The two reasons for Inter to not sign the Argentine are his age and his wage. He might be the best player to play the game but he’s 33 right now. Furthermore, his wage is so high that Inter can buy a world-class player every season.

Inter wont sign Messi

The fact that Messi has never played outside of Spain is another factor. Also, Inter have very limited financial resources in this window. The Nerazzurri would prefer to sign 4 others than spend a fortune on Messi.

Then there is Conte’s system where Messi won’t really fit in. Lionel won’t be willing to play as a reverse wing-back. And Inter won’t be willing to break the Lautaro Lukaku duo.

Messi is expensive and difficult to fit in for Inter. But, the man has the potential to make Inter a global brand. Everyone wants to sign Lionel Messi, but only a handful can afford and also fit him in. Unfortunately for the Nerazzurri fans, they are not among those clubs. Inter won’t sign Messi but Piero Ausilio made a hint towards other signings like Kolarov.

Inter won't sign Messi, says clubs Sporting Director
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Inter won't sign Messi, says clubs Sporting Director
Inter won't sign Messi according to the clubs Sporting Director. The club aims to carry out other transfers instead and not strain finances.
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