Lukaku is a ‘Special Striker’ after scoring against Juve

Lukaku is a ‘Special Striker’ after scoring against Juve

Lukaku is a ‘Special Striker’ as he has now scored 23 goals in Serie A. He is only the fourth player in the history of the club to have had this record. Lukaku has developed himself as one of the best strikers in the world. On top of that, this season has been one of a kind for the Belgian National team and the club. Inter won the Scudetto after 11 years this season. Further, they broke Juventus’ 9-year winning spell.

Lukaku started his professional career in football with Anderlecht in 2009. He scored 20 goals in all competitions for the club. Furthermore, he joined Chelsea in 2011 on a reported fee of €12 million which rose to €20 million with add-ons. And he got a number 18 jersey, signing a five-year contract. He could not play much for Chelsea. However, he went out on loan to West Bromwich Albion. In the 2012-13 season, he triumphed all his teammates and ended up being the sixth-highest goal-scorer with 17 goals. He played for Everton for five seasons after permanently signing the contract in the 2014-15 season.

Lukaku is a 'Special Striker'

Lukaku is a ‘Special Striker’ as he scores the highest goals after three players

Lukaku becomes the fourth player to score the number of goals in the history of the club. He completed 23 goals after he scored in the match against Roma. Furthermore, the other three players to have achieved this mark are Giuseppe Meazza, Istvan Nyers, and Mauro Icardi. Inter won the match by 3-1.

Lukaku and Lautaro have played crucial roles for the club in the past two seasons. In fact, as Suning decide the club’s financial conditions, Lukaku tops the list of players that are irreplaceable at the club. Further, Chelsea are eying the Belgian yet again. However, Lukaku plans on staying at the club. plus, Conte’s stay at the club will be determined by the players that Suning can afford.

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