Lukaku is harder to mark than Ronaldo, says Acerbi

Lukaku is harder to mark than Ronaldo, says Acerbi

Lukaku is harder to mark than Ronaldo according to Francesco Acerbi. The Lazio defender said in an interview to FC Inter 1908. Although Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest of all time but the Italian defender feels that he is more markable. Acerbi says that Ronaldo is a more orthodox striker and is not as huge as Lukaku. He has played against both payers several times and has struggled to mark Lukaku more.

Acerbi started for Italy against Austria in the round of 16 fixture. Italy were unable to break Austria’s defense and Austria were asking some questions when they got the ball as well. But Italy managed to get their goal in extra time thanks to Federico Chiesa and Matteo Pessina. But Italy were out of options in the match as they could not create enough chances in the match.

Lukaku is harder to mark than Ronaldo

Lukaku is harder to mark for Acerbi

Acerbi said that Lukaku’s physique gives him problems and it is difficult to get the ball from him. He does not mean that Lukaku is better than Ronaldo, but due to his broad shoulders it becomes difficult to mark him. Now the Italian will face Lukaku in the quarter-finals as they have won against Portugal. Belgium are a good side. But they might miss Eden Hazard and De Bruyne as they both got an injury in the game against Portugal. It will be a huge setback for them. Still, Italy will have to defend well against them and Acerbi will have to mark Lukaku properly if they want to win. Mancini has been good with his tactics and will now have to find a way to stop the Red Devils attack. Italy will also depend on their forwards to trouble Belgium when Italy have the ball.

They will face each other on 3rd July in Munich.

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