Lukaku to Chelsea rumour in news ahead of summer

Lukaku to Chelsea rumour in news ahead of summer

Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea rumour is spreading like wildfire as Thomas Tuchel plans to enter the market for a new striker. Lukaku is in the form of his life, putting Inter ahead of the rest in the race for the Scudetto. The Belgians strikers holdup play has linked up magnificently well with Antonio Conte’s 3-5-2 system. Subsequently, resulting in a flurry of goals for the Nerazzurri this season. Understandably, the once outcast of the Premier League is now on the list of every big club in Europe. With Chelsea coming out as a happy spender in the times of the pandemic last summer, it’s no surprise that they’re willing to spend around €100 million on a player they once dumped.

Football London reports that Inter are willing to part ways with Lukaku. The statement is highly contradicting the on-ground situation. Inter are well on their way to win a Scudetto after a decade with Lukaku spearheading the attack. Antonio Conte knows how important Lukaku is for his system to succeed at Inter. While Sergio Aguero for a free transfer won’t be bad, selling Lukaku to make a place for him will be devastating. And the Nerazzurri board knows how the fans will react if they sell their talesman to make way for a player in the twilight of his career. Furthermore, Aguero is not half as good as Lukaku as hold up play but is more of the Lautaro kind.

Does Lukaku to Chelsea sound realistic enough?

Lukaku to Chelsea

The biggest question is, will Romelu Lukaku go back to Chelsea? If you ask him, the answer will pretty much be a big no. While big game managers like Mourinho and Conte have always wanted Lukaku on their squad, his Chelsea outing was a disaster. The best back to the goal player in the world right now will rather choose to go to the like of Barcelona or Real Madrid than Chelsea. That’s if he even decides to leave Conte and Inter behind. Lukaku redeemed himself as one of the best strikers in the world at Inter. With most first-team players renewing their contracts at Inter, it’s written on the wall. Antonio Conte wants to build a team to dominate Italy and hopefully Europe. As Conte tries to kill his managerial Champions League drought Lukaku might well stick around.

Suning surely is under a financial constraint at the moment. But that won’t mean they’ll start offloading star players to foot the bill. If Inter stay on course and win the Scudetto, Suning will find the needed cash input. Moreover, if Inter can push deep enough through next years Champions League, things will get easier. A lot depends on how the pandemic pans out after this season.

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