Nerazzurri staff unhappy with Suning

Nerazzurri staff unhappy with Suning

Nerazzurri staff is unhappy with Suning as they work on fixing a deal. Further, the Nerazzurri have been under a financial constraint for the past year. Suning have invested €600 million into the club. they have made the best team, got the best coach. Although, a huge concern for the owners is the finances. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has warned Suning to clear pending salaries before May 30.

While Oaktree Capital have offered €300 million, Bain Capital have €270 million in mind. However, Oaktree wish to be the majority shareholders and Bain Capital are ready to just give the loan. The Nerazzurri staff believes that this is just a ‘draining’ tactic. And they are quite irritated with the owners. However, Suning are trying to do everything to keep the financial situation under control. Everyone at the club is waiting to know the situation of the club. However, it is still unclear what the future will hold. Suning are trying to fix a deal with the two US-based firms.

Nerazzurri staff unhappy with Suning

Nerazzurri staff unhappy with Suning, future still unknown

Suning currently have a plan to secure a loan before May 30. Since the FIGC have given a deadline or paying the wages. On top of that, they cannot put any personal investments due to the new rules by the Chinese government. The government has denied making investments outside the country. Further, they are trying to revive their national team that has been struggling to make a mark. However, Suning have made their name with the Serie A win. Thus, the government might give them a rebate.

However, that is a deal much farther in the future. As of now, the two US firms are Suning’s savior. But the players are also not happy with the owners due to the wage cut demand. What will be the next move?

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