Suning need financial help, says Vanni

Suning need financial help, says Vanni

Suning need financial help as the next season draws closer and closer. Steven Zhang is doing everything to solve the club’s financial problems. Further, the pandemic is not the only problem, the rules by the Chinese government have made things even more difficult. Inter’s financial issue is much worse than the rivals. Steven Zhang has invested a lot of money into the club. And he is working on finding the investment in the creditor’s market.

Italian journalist Franco Vanni has said ” Inter are a strong team, with a strong boss, Conte, and Zhang who loves the club. Steven is doing everything he can for the club and is looking for finances. In fact, he believes that he can find the best conditions and best interest rates. And he will keep them at it till the last moment. Once the club’s finances are sorted, Inter will know how competitive the team is for the next season.

Suning need financial help

Suning need financial help and Zhang is doing everything in his power

Suning have invested around €600 million to build the best team and coach. However, they cannot put in any more capital from their side. Thus, they have been looking for an investment openly. Till now, they have tackled the situation by taking a loan. They took a €250 million loan from Goldman Sachs last month. And the next might be from Oaktree Capital or Bains Capital. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has given the owners till May 30 to pay the pending salaries.

The finances are important because, without the money, nothing can move forward. They would either have to give the wages or defer the players until next year. Since the money will take a few stages to reach the owners. They have to take action within the next few weeks and discuss the salaries with the players.

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