Madrid to splash €90m for Martinez

Madrid to splash €90m for Martinez

Real Madrid are ready to splash €90m for Lautaro Martinez. As reported by Tutto Sport. Inter want to renew his contract too. But, the Los Blancos are offering a huge offer which could be hard to refuse. Inter are going to El Toro a small amount compared to the one by Real. They will give him a new 3-year deal. But his future will remain uncertain at the club.

Lautaro Martinez has been terrific for Inter this season. His partnership with Romelu Lukaku has helped Inter a lot in winning the Scudetto. Lukaku holds the ball well which buys Lautaro some time to make the run. Lautaro’s speed and runs always keeps the opposition on the backfoot. Due to this, the opponent team are afraid to press forward or keep a high line. As that would give Lautaro plenty of space behind to run into. This gives Inter plenty of space in the pitch.

Madrid to splash €90m for Martinez

Madrid to splash €90m for Martinez as they need a good forward for next season

Real Madrid are in desperate need of a good finisher. Although, Karim Benzema has been on top form this season, other players have not helped him much in terms of goals. Even Lukaku feels that Benzema is the best striker out there. So, the Los Blancos want someone who can share the burden of goal scoring with him. Lautaro can play that role for them. However, they will have to change their formation a bit to include him in the setup. Therefore, Real have Mbappe as their main priority. Hence, Real haven’t properly given the offer just yet, as they will first go after Mbappe.

Real Madrid’s €90m will be split into two parts, €60m will be given as cash and €30m is the amount that Inter have not given yet to Real Madrid for Hakimi.

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