Nerazzurri’s new shirt sponsor to replace Pirelli

Nerazzurri’s new shirt sponsor to replace Pirelli

The Nerazzurri’s new shirt sponsor will replace their long partnership with Pirelli soon. Inter Milan were looking for a €30 million deal annually for new sponsors but now they are ready to negotiate and reduce their offer. Pirelli have been significant for Inter over the years. Many Nerazzurri fans have lots of memories associated with them but now they will have to go. Pirelli’s deal does not give Inter enough profit and Inter now will replace them with a new American technology company. Their name has not been revealed but it is expected to be known after July 8 when Inter starts training.

Pirelli, the Italian tire company has been one of the longest sponsors in European football as it has been Inter’s sponsor for 27 long years. The Nerazzurri fans and former players might get emotional due to this. Inter had just a €10 million deal with them and will now look to increase that with their new sponsors. As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport. Their search for new sponsors were going on for some time but now it has ended with this American technology Company.

Nerazzurris new shirt sponsor

The Nerazzurri’s new shirt sponsor is an American technology company

The year 2020 has been hard for everyone and Inter Milan have suffered more than any club in Serie A. They had many economic issues and financial constraints. It became difficult to run the club and Suning were deciding to sell Inter at one point. But they got a loan from the Oak Tree Capital and have resolved some of their issues. They had liquidity problems and they were also not able to give salaries to their players for a long time. Suning also secured a loan from GoldSachs.

Due to this turmoil, they forgot about their shirt sponsor then. But now they have found the right company and will reveal their name soon.

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