New deal for Handanovic on the cards

New deal for Handanovic on the cards

The Nerazzurri are ready to make a new deal for Samir Handanovic. The Slovenian keeper has been serving Inter for a long time and they feel that he should stay for a few more seasons. Andre Onana will be coming to Inter next year and Handanovic can help him to settle in the squad by sharing his experience. The contract renewal talks can start after or during the international break with the Inter Milan captain. Inter want to extend his contract for a couple of seasons and he will be 40 years old by the time that contract ends.

Samir Handanovic has been slightly inconsistent for Inter this season. He saves Inter in some matches with his reflexes and concedes some easy goals in others. Also, he is not good with the ball at his feet so he goes long under pressure. This restricts Inter to playing out from the back which Inzaghi wants. Due to this, Brozovic has to drop to help in build-up at times. Onana will help Inter in these situations as he is good at distributing the ball. Handanovic can serve as a backup and play against teams that do not press high.

New deal for Handanovic

Inter to make a new deal for Handanovic

Inter will begin the contract renewal talks soon but they will decrease the Slovenian’s wages. The Inter captain currently earns €3.5 million per season. Since Onana will be coming to Inter squad, the wage bill is bound to increase. The Nerazzurri are planning to sign other players as well so they will have to reduce the wages of some senior players.

Inter will also have to find a suitable captain when Handanovic sits on the bench. Currently, Rannochia seems to be next in order but he does not start often. The Nerazzurri see Nicolo Barella as their captain in the future.

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