Ranocchia could retire after a serious injury

Ranocchia could retire after a serious injury

Andrea Ranocchia could retire after suffering a serious injury and has decided to give up on €4 million. The former Nerazzurri defender and the captain is being praised as a ‘gentleman’ for terminating his contract with Monza. The veteran decided to join Monza in the summer as a free agent as his time at Inter was over. But unfortunately, after three months, he has to leave the club because of a severe injury to the fibula. He got the injury in the game against Napoli in August.

The Italian defender was the captain and made some crucial contributions to Inter’s history. Everyone will remember his time at Inter as a pure leader. Monza’s director praised Ranocchia’s decision to terminate the contract himself after suffering a serious injury. The former Inter captain had a two-year contract with Monza. Ranocchia decided to move to Monza, which got up in the Italian top flight this year. Many Nerazzurri fans believe he could have played more for Inter, but both parties decided to move on.

Ranocchia could retire

Andrea Ranocchia could retire as he terminates his contract

The Italian defender only contributed in a couple of games for Monza in Serie A and Coppa Italia. But he has played for several Italian clubs including Inter. The former Inter captain made a total of 218 appearances in Serie A and has scored 14 goals. So, he was a major threat from set-pieces and had scored some memorable goals for Inter.

He is a key player in Inter’s recent history and was a link to Inter Milan’s post-treble team to the latest squad that won the Scudetto. However, his time as Inter captain was not that successful, but his contribution as a defender was crucial. Also, the Italian defender was aggressive and an imposing defender with good distribution from the back.

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