Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni, what’s next for Inter?

Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni, what’s next for Inter?

Milan Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni did yesterday after initial tests in their respective national camps reports Gianluca Di Marzio. Bastoni and Skriniar joined Italy U21 and Slovakia in the international break respectively. Moreover, players move from the biosecure bubble of their club to their national team’s bubble. But, numerous players have tested positive despite being in a bubble. Once the players are at home, they have the luxury to interact with people who’re not in a bubble.

After Genoa and Napoli, Inter are the third club in Serie A hit by the virus this season. Thankfully neither of the two defenders have developed symptoms so far and are expected to recover soon. While Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has assured people that the league is not at risk of cancellation in a statement, cases surely are going up. Moreover, the Serie A protocol states that if a club has 13 players who have tested negative then their games can go ahead. It’s highly unlikely that a team can field a proper lineup with just 13 players, so this season can see a lot of Primavera players filling in.

Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni

Bastoni and Skriniar are two of the three most important parts of the Nerazzurri defence. Inter will take on Milan in the derby on 17th October. And this is surely giving Conte sleepless nights as it’s highly unlikely that either of them will play the game.

Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni, Inter’s run for the Scudetto toughens

As Skriniar tests positive after Bastoni, Inter have a task on their hands. The Nerazzurri must plan and avoid any such circumstances in the future. The club should work out a plan with the players to minimize their contact with the outside world. If that means including their families into the bubble then be it. The Nerazzurri in no possible way can make a successful run for the Scudetto with players missing due to the virus every now and then.

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