The new stadium for Inter will be ‘the Cathedral’

The new stadium for Inter will be ‘the Cathedral’

The new stadium for Inter Milan and AC Milan will be ‘the Cathedral‘. Populous made its design and both AC Milan and Inter decided to go with this project. It got its name from the iconic Duomo Cathedral in Milan as it contains some details from it. This stadium will be near San Siro which will then be the stadium for Women’s football. The Cathedral will have a unique bowl shape which will bring the fans closer to the action and it will create a vibrant atmosphere.

There will be lounge spaces and bars for the fans to enjoy while they watch games. The stadium will have the details of both Inter Milan and AC Milan as it will have a coiled viper of blue light wrapped around representing Inter. And there will be vertical red lines from the depth of the building representing AC Milan. The stadium will be highly sustainable and will do a lot of environment-friendly practices. It will have solar panels on the roof which will generate electricity and store it in battery banks. Also, the stadium will have a system to collect the rainwater from the roof and use it later. The stadium will be in the center of 22 acres of green area which will reduce the rainwater runoff.

The new stadium for Inter and AC Milan should be ready by 2027

Populous was the one who constructed the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium which is one of the best stadiums in Europe. They are now ready to construct an even better stadium in Milan. The San Siro will host the Winter Olympics in 2026 and after that, it could be taken down partially. The plan is to get the new stadium ready by 2027, that is after the Olympics. Its seating capacity will down to 65,000 from 80,000 as the new stadium will have various facilities.

The new stadium will increase the revenue as both Inter and AC Milan can gain €80m each every year.

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