Bastoni gives credit to Conte for his development

Bastoni gives credit to Conte for his development

Alessandro Bastoni gives credit to Conte for his recent success and development. Bastoni said that Conte gave him a lot of confidence. The Italian tactician helped him to become one of the best defenders in Italy as he guided him well. He said that he had a great season with Parma and Conte helped him to be a part of the back 3. In return, the Italian defender helped the Nerrazurri to get Scudetto after 11 years. He became a constant figure at the back. Many doubted his abilities but Conte trusted him and made him a solid defender. Bastoni said that Conte taught him various things which helped him to become a regular starter for Inter Milan.

Bastoni plays an important role in Inter’s defense. He is left-footed which helps him to play on the left side of the back 3. He is quite technical on the ball and helps Inter to play out from the back. Also, he is quick on his feet and can defend well against fast wingers. Moreover, he makes some runs forward as well which helps Inter to create overloads from one side.

Bastoni gives credit to Conte for his success with Inter

In his interview, Bastoni praised his Italy and Inter teammate, Nicolo Barella. He said that Barella is the toughest player to play against. Also, he said that Barella can do almost everything and he is a very balanced midfielder.

The Italian defender also said that his role models are Materazzi, Samuel and Sergio Ramos. He said that he follows everything he does and tries to play like him. The 22-year old looks up to him for motivation and inspiration. Bastoni talked with him last year when Inter faced Real Madrid in the Champions League. He also got a shirt from him on his birthday.

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