Christian Eriksen must be sold in January to end the saga

Christian Eriksen must be sold in January to end the saga

A number of reports ranging from Italian media to the English media suggest that Christian Eriksen must be sold in January. The extremely talented Danish midfielder has not played the entirety of the 90 minutes in a single game this season. Furthermore, with every game, it gets more evident that he cannot fit into Conte’s system. Antonio Conte was never keen to have him in the first place. The Nerazzurri board saw that they can get him at half the price and jumped at the chance.

The tale of Christian Eriksen at Inter will be a lesson for many. The Danish midfielder is one of the best in the world when in form. But, his arrival in the middle of the pandemic has had an impact on his performance.

When Eriksen came to Milan, the region was one of the most affected in the world. Amidst that, he had to stay at the training centre with a few of the staff who stayed back. This had an impact on the Danish midfielder when the season finally resumed.

Christian Eriksen must be sold

In several interviews and statements that followed, Eriksen has stated that he wants to play regularly. And with Conte not finding him suitable, he will not get a lot of game time even in the future.

Christian Eriksen must be sold in January

The likes of PSG want to sign him and Spurs are exploring the option of bringing him back. The Nerazzurri will most definitely make a decent profit from his sale. Inter will also be looking to bring in a backup striker among other replacements in January, Eriksen’s sale can fund that. More importantly, both Eriksen and Conte will want a deal to go through. Conte is often under pressure to change his system and make way for Eriksen. On the other hand, Eriksen will want to play a pivotal role somewhere else in the twilight of his career. Inter’s management needs to understand that Eriksen’s future at the club is uncertain.

A free-flowing player like Christian will always find it hard in Conte’s rigid system. Cashing in on Eriksen will certainly be an embarrassment for Inter in the market. But, if they don’t let him go now, it can be a bigger embarrassment in the future.

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