Conte pleased with Eriksen after his good performances

Conte pleased with Eriksen after his good performances

Conte pleased with Eriksen after his consistent performances. Eriksen came as a substitute 2 minutes before the end of the game in Coppa Italia last month. He scored a free derby kick against City rivals AC Milan. And ever since, Eriksen has been constant in Conte’s squad. Eriksen came to Inter in the 18/19 season when the world was hit with the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it had a negative impact on his psychological being. However, he managed to get back on track but he was not in luck.

Eriksen is an exceptional player when he is in form. And he has not failed to prove that. Eriksen plays as an attacking midfielder naturally. However, he was deployed in the centre midfield and he played that role skillfully. He has been working extra on his game to fit into the role. The good news for Conte is, that he has also started understanding Italian and Conte’s system.

Conte pleased with Eriksen

Conte pleased with Eriksen as he impresses with his style of play

Eriksen came to Inter with dreams of playing in the Serie A. However, the past season wasn’t much of an achievement for him. He had been on the bench for almost the whole season. Conte never gave chances to Eriksen while the latter also failed to fit into his system. Eriksen was out of favour for Conte earlier. Furthermore, with the derby goal, Conte had no option but to play Eriksen in the upcoming matches. And evidently, he has not disappointed the Nerazzurri boss.

Eriksen brings creativity to the midfield. He has made six appearances so far. Conte relied on Eriksen to make a start for the first time in a while against Juventus in Vidal’s absence. Now, Eriksen has started understanding Italian, which has made things relatively better for him. Plus, Conte is finally happy with him due to his hard work. Will Eriksen be a constant at Inter now?

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