Eriksen an inspiration for me, says Damsgaard

Eriksen an inspiration for me, says Damsgaard

“Christian Eriksen is an inspiration for me,” says Mikel Damsgaard. The Danish winger said that Eriksen has had a lot of impact on his game. He also said that Eriksen’s game had an influence on him and he still learns a lot from him. Damsgaard does not play with Eriksen in club football but they are both in Serie A. Although, Damsgaard is in Sampdoria while Eriksen is in Inter Milan. They both play together for Denmark and are good teammates. Eriksen knows the talent he posses and tries to nurture him.

Eriksen has been out of the tournament because he suffered a cardiac arrest in Denmark’s first game against Finland. He is now fine and is having his treatment but no one knows for how long he will be away from football. But Denmark have not shown any weak signs in his absence. They managed to qualify even after losing two games and won comfortably against Wales in the round of 16. The key to their success has been their togetherness and passion. They will now face Czech Republic in the quarter-finals.

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Eriksen an inspiration for me, says Damsgaard in a press conference

Damsgaard said in a press conference that he has been admired by Eriksen and always looks up to him. He has played as number 10 when he was younger so it is obvious that he will look up to Eriksen. He says that he watches him closely and looks into many details of his game. Damsgaard has tried to learn how Eriksen is able to find pockets of spaces and how he makes accurate passes from his childhood. He feels obliged to play with him and see how he trains with the national team.

Damsgaard has tried his best to fulfill Eriksen’s absence in the national team and he has been very impressive.

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