Eriksen has improved at Inter, says Hjulmand

Eriksen has improved at Inter, says Hjulmand

Eriksen has improved at Inter says Denmark National coach Kasper Hjulmand. He even criticized Conte for keeping Eriksen on the bench for the most part of the year. The Dane is a great midfielder when he is in his natural form. However, according to Conte, Eriksen was not ready to play Italian football until now. The language was also a barrier as he did not speak Italian. Although over the year, the Dane has learned the language and Conte’s system.

Eriksen always trained hard enough at the field. It took time for him to understand Conte’s plans on the field. Finally, towards the end of January, he talked to Conte about coming in. after which he scored the very important derby goal against city rivals AC Milan. And the rest is history. He played regularly for Inter after that game and proved to be a very useful asset for the Conte. In fact, Eriksen did not play in his usual position this season.

Eriksen has improved at Inter

Eriksen has improved at Inter, will be great in the summer

Eriksen is naturally an attacking midfielder. However, he played as a center midfielder and aced the game. Conte is very happy with Eriksen. And the two finally share a good relationship. Eriksen came to Inter at a very unexpected time. The coronavirus pandemic hit right after he came to Italy. In fact, Milan was one of the worst-hit regions at the time. While the last year did not turn out well for him, he got the fruit of his hard work this season.

Eriksen is happy at Inter and would love to stay here. But with the financial struggles of the Suning’s, there is no guarantee of the future. Even the important names are on the list to be sold. While the Suning are trying to work on it and might take up another loan. They will still have to make the cuts. The good news is, Eriksen is back in form.

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