Lukas Podolski slams Inter for joining Super League

Lukas Podolski slams Inter for joining Super League

Lukas Podolski slams Arsenal and Inter Milan on Twitter for joining the European Super League. Although, he didn’t actually name them. The former Arsenal and Inter forward is furious after hearing the formation of the new project called the European Super League. The German is not pleased that both Inter Milan and Arsenal are a part of this project. He does not want this project to go ahead. Podolski was with Arsenal from 2012 until 2015. He had a loan spell at Inter Milan in 2015.

The European Super League announced their project last night. As reported by Sky Sports. A total of 12 clubs have already joined this project. While 3 more clubs will join after some time.

Lukas Podolski slams Inter

Lukas Podolski slams Inter as he is totally against super league

English clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City are amongst the ones in agreement. Further, other English clubs that are a part of it are Man United, and Spurs. The Spanish Trio of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid are also in. In fact, Perez, Real Madrid’s president, is the chairman of this project. These 12 clubs have agreed to form this competition for the elite clubs of Europe. The Nerazzurri and other clubs will receive €3.5 billion for joining this project. This decision received warnings from the governing bodies FIFA and UEFA. Domestic clubs also expressed their concern. Inter and other clubs have decided to only limited clubs will be playing in the Super League.

The Nerazzurri with the other two founders have decided to go forward with this league. Even though FIFA and UEFA have opposed their decision. Also, these clubs might not be able to play in their respective league. Thus, a lot of the fans, pundits and other officials are opposing this decision of the Super League. The world is still facing a pandemic and clubs are struggling financially due to this. Inter have been in a financial constraint themselves too.

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