Inter have avoided Injury problems, says Volpi

Inter have avoided Injury problems, says Volpi

Volpi praises Inter’s medical staff as Inter have avoided many Injury problems this season. They have faced very few setbacks and always had their key players when they needed them. So, this is also one of the reasons for their Serie A triumph. In a season where almost all the clubs got affected with injuries, Inter are one the least affected clubs in Europe.

Serie A season started late due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So the matches came thick and fast but Inter’s medical staff have done great work to keep the players fit. Conte and his staff have made new physical preparations before the games. Volpi said this to Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday. Also, they do a lot of prevention work. They do this very seriously, before and after the game. The therapists have done a good job as well to keep players in the right state of mind these times.

Inter have avoided Injury problems

Inter avoided Injury problems, thanks to their medical staff

Inter got out of the Champions League in the group stage itself. This is one of the reasons for their success in Serie A. But still players had a lot of matches and Conte’s system is very intense which can ask a lot from players. Also, all the COVID-19 norms are quite tough to follow, as said by Volpi. The Nerazzurri had a COVID-19 outbreak in their team at the end of March and had to postpone their game against Sassuolo. Volpi said that it came at a crucial time of the season. Some board members were positive too. Inter have had about 13 out of 26 of their players positive in the whole season. That means half the squad got the virus.

But, Volpi also said that players now know all the COVID-19 norms. They all know every protocol very well now as Volpi had to talk to them about the pandemic at times, but they already knew.

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