Inter to pay €8 million for offloading Sanchez

Inter to pay €8 million for offloading Sanchez

Inter Milan will have to pay around €8 million if they wish to part ways with Alexis Sanchez. The Nerazzurri are struggling to sell the Chilean as he wants to stay. Inter want to terminate Sanchez’s contract as he is no longer in Inzaghi’s plan, but Sanchez does not want to leave. The Nerazzurri will have to give severance pay to the Chilean if they offload him. According to reports, it will cost more than €4 to €5 million as they have to add the deferred wage payments from the previous campaign.

Inter want to sell Sanchez to reduce their wage bill, but no club is willing to sign Sanchez because of his wages. He will cost Inter around €10 million in total this season if he stays. So, the Nerazzurri are trying hard to part ways with him. Inter will have to pay the wages that they decided to keep during the pandemic. The Nerazzurri were in a dire financial situation during the pandemic. So, they could not give the whole wages to their players.

Inter to pay €8 million

Inter will have to pay around €8 million to Sanchez if they offload him

Inter kept around €3 million of Sanchez’s salary, last season, and they will have to give that along with the €5 million in severance pay. Flamengo tried hard to sign Sanchez, but the Chilean does not want to lower his wages. Sanchez is looking to stay at Inter this season and run down his contract till next year. Vidal decided to follow his ambition and went to the Brazilian club. While Sanchez will look to stay at Inter despite getting less game time.

Inzaghi has not called up Sanchez for a single pre-season game as he does not consider him in his plans. Inter have plenty of forwards, and Lukaku is looking good after returning from Chelsea.

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