Liverpool and City eye Martinez

Liverpool and City eye Martinez

Liverpool and City eye Martinez for the upcoming summer window. The Argentine has developed himself as one of the best strikers in Italy. Further, the duo LuLa has scored 36 goals amongst themselves. The two have an excellent understanding of each other. Inter are going through a financial crisis at the moment and they’d have to make some cuts. While Conte would want to keep Lautaro back at Inter but it will all depend on the situation.

Steven Zhang recently met with the players to discuss the club’s condition. He asked the players to give up 15% of their salaries, that is 2 months’ salary. However, most players denied doing so. On top of that, there has been a discussion over it in the Italian Media. Italian journalist Sandro Sabatini argued that the players shouldn’t have to cover Suning’s mistakes with their account. Thus, Suning would have to figure out its finances before the end of the season. In fact, Oaktree Capital is ready to lend a loan of €300 million to the club.

Liverpool and City eye Martinez

Liverpool and City eye Martinez, Chelsea and Real Madrid also in the queue

Suning last took a loan of €250 million from Goldman Sachs in March to cover the pending wages for this season. Lautaro came to Inter in the 2018-19 season and has grown exponentially since. He started playing football at a local club, following the footsteps of his father. He then joined the Racing Club and a deal was confirmed between the Racing Club and Real Madrid. However, he wasn’t ready for the move and denied the offer.

Liverpool and Man City are eyeing the Argentine for the summer. But, Chelsea are also in line to bag the in-form striker. He’d be perfect for the Reds as they failed to finish even in the top four this season and would want to strengthen their attack. Plus, Sergio Aguero is leaving Man City and Guardiola has set his eyes on Martinez. Plus, Conte has brought his defensive side out.

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