Zhang to discuss wage cut with Inter players

Zhang to discuss wage cut with Inter players

Steven Zhang will discuss with the players at Appiano Gentile today, with his wage cut proposal but the Inter players will reject it. The players are totally against Zhang’s 15% cut policy. Zhang wants them to give up their two-month salary which Inter players won’t accept. So, Steven will have to go for another plan and work this situation out. Which is to modify each player’s contract.

Inter are facing some financial problems just like many other clubs. They have to take some serious steps and cutting the wage bill is one of them. The players do not like this but they are willing to have their contracts modified individually. However, the report does not say how much it would the contract would change. The players have already agreed to have some of their monthly salaries delayed for some time as they know the state of the club. Another step the board will take is that they will sell some players in the upcoming transfer window.

Zhang to discuss wage cut

Zhang to discuss wage cut, but the players won’t agree to it

The board have decided to sell players excluding some. They believe that Lukaku, Barella, Hakimi, De Vrij and Bastoni are untouchables. But they feel that Kolarov, Ashley Young, Padelli, Pinamonti, Agoume, Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Radu should be sold. They hope this generates some funds and helps them with their financial situation. Also, Inter are not the only ones in this situation. Juventus are also facing some problems and have delayed 4 month instalments of their players during the past year.

Also, they have a deal on the table from Oak tree which offers them 300 million euros. The board are working on the deal as it would help them a lot and they will be able to extend the contracts of some players.

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