Perisic can leave Inter in January reports Italian media

Perisic can leave Inter in January reports Italian media

Perisic can leave Inter in January reports suggest. The 31-year-old winger is playing the wing-back role at Inter. While he can be impressive in attack, his defensive incapabilities cost Inter the game against Lazio. Conte seems to have given enough chances to the Croatian international and honestly, Perisic is showing improvement. But, if you compare him to Ashley Young or Matteo Darmian in the same position, Perisic is not doing enough.

There’s little doubt in Perisic’s ability to create goals. He already has 2 goals and 3 assists this season for the Nerazzurri. And Conte knows that Young and Darmian are not exactly that good at attacking.

Perisic can leave Inter

Since Hakimi’s arrival, Inter know they need someone similar on the other wing. While Ashley Young is an impressive wing-back, he’s 35-years-old. It won’t be long before he slows down which will slow down the game for Inter. Conte needs to find someone to replace Young sooner than later. But, one thing that has been made certain by the Nerazzurri is that Perisic will not replace an ageing Young.

Perisic can leave Inter, should Inter cash in?

Inter price Perisic at €15M which will be hard to come by from his sale. While his price tag is not exactly astronomical, his wages can fend off interested clubs. If someone decides to take him away from Inter, they’ll look to cut down the price to accommodate his wages.

In some capacity, the management knew that Perisic can leave Inter in January. That can be the reason for Inter looking so desperately for a left-back who can play the wing-back role. From Junior Firpo to Nicolas Tagliafico, Inter are after a few quick players who can play the role. If Perisic leaves for the right price, Inter won’t have to spend a lot on the likes of Firpo or Tagliafico.

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