Proud to be a Nerazzurri, says Hakimi

Proud to be a Nerazzurri, says Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi has thanked Conte for improving his game and says that he is proud to be a Nerazzurri. He joined Inter this season for a € 40 million (plus 5 € million add ons) deal from Real Madrid. Also, Hakimi has been the signing of the season. As he has provided seven goals and eight assists in all competitions for Inter. Hence, he has been a key player for Inter in the Scudetto victory.

Conte approached Hakimi to sign for Inter via WhatsApp. As reported last night. Conte said that if he would join, he will improve his game and in return, Hakimi would help him win and that’s exactly what happened. Conte has improved Hakimi’s defensive side of the game while Hakimi helped Conte to win the Serie A. The Moroccan is really proud that he helped Inter and made history.

Proud to be a Nerazzurri

Hakimi is happy to win Serie A and is proud to be a Nerazzurri

Hakimi is one of the fastest football players in the world. It is very difficult to catch him when he is away. Also, he creates many chances going forward in attack. His crosses pinpoint and has provided several assists this way. Although he is raw in some aspects of the game but he is still just 22 years old. He has the ability to find spaces in the opponent’s box and is able to ghost into those spaces. The Moroccan is very comfortable on the ball and is able to link up with the midfield really well. His cutbacks are very precise. He said admitted that there were few reasons which led to him leaving. He tracks back very quickly and can catch any winger. The Moroccan also has the strength to shrug the ball off from any forward.

Inter will be hoping he keeps his form for the next season as well.

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